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Schefflera or umbrella plant as its commonly known due to the shape of its leaves. A popular indoor houseplant due to it easy care and air purifying qualities. 

We’ve styled it with the popular patt planter, its simplicity and modern shape complement the plant and any interior. Available in charcoal or grey washed, choose your favourite at checkout and have yours delivered to your door ready to place in the perfect spot  

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The schefflera is a great houseplant improving the air quality in your home, its particularly effective at removing toxins from the air. Likes bright indirect light watering when the soil feels dry. Schefflera is pretty hardy and will tolerate if it misses a watering but try not to let it dry out! Rotate your plant to ensure even growth.

Price €35
Total height 45cm

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 45 cm

charcoal, grey washed, chocolate washed


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